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Give Me This Day...

Every morning I have a new chance to be better, happier, more complete, more satisfied with life. I'm reminded more often that there was a reason Jesus/Yeshua's example prayer (i.e.: the Lords' Prayer or the Our Father, depending on your religious background) said... "give us 'this' day our 'daily' bread".

Every day has enough troubles of its own and therefore, we need God's strength and help each day, every morning. Good news. Our heavenly Father recognizes that we need His help every day to 'work out our faith' in fear and trembling.This doesn't mean we have to be afraid that we don't measure up, it means that being our best is a mere response to His great Love for us. It's not conditional, it's relational.

Every night as I lay me down, I'm comforted to know that no matter how often I fail or how badly I fall, My Abba Father loves me and accepts me and has a good plan for, tomorrow, when I awake, I can rejoice in another day the Lord has made! Hallelujah!

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