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Equal but not the Same

I was recently enlightened to the idea that there is indeed a reason that God created different races with different looks, talents and abilities. One reason is, our Lord and Creator likes variety and has endless amounts of resources to create just that...a variety of creatures, planets, experiences and more (you've heard the saying...variety is the spice of life right?). It makes sense that God's plan for man included a variety of wonderment.

But like with most things that God created, humans added their depraved touch (due to greed, pride, selfishness, vanity, jealousy and lust etc.)

In the book Paradigms Tossed chapter seven, there is an interesting take on the development of civilization per the Bible, Noah and his three sons. The chapter dissects how God created 3 distinct races to accommodate man's 3 aspects of soul, body and mind in populating the world. It really is quite interesting to trust the Bible for truth and consider how Noah's curse on his grandson Caanan could have been the start of man's propensity towards racial injustice.

Here's the original article that only touches on this topic.

You can read more deeply on the subject of the human races in chapter seven in the book Paradigms Tossed.

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