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JESUS CHRIST (Not just a swear word)

Excerpts from: Paradigms Tossed: Debunking Faulty Christian Beliefs (Faulty Paradigm #9 - God the Father, the Creator of the Universe & Faulty Paradigm #10 - Jesus Christ in the Old Testament) It’s taken a lot of years for me to come to understand who JC really is. I’m grateful for meeting Rob Lindeman and catching him right when he was finishing up a life long study on scripture and faulty christian thinking. The following excerpt from Rob’s book really sheds light on the beauty of our Savior who is also our Creator. There is no better love story that I know of.

From the Book ‘Paradigms Tossed: Debunking Faulty Christian Beliefs’ One of the worst theological errors to be found within the Christian Church is the belief that it was God the Father who had been the Creator of the Universe....

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