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Never Give Up - Die Tryin'

Here's a song I wrote a bunch of years ago when I was struggling with my business. I sort of wrote it as a 'song for entrepreneurs' but it really is a song for anyone thinking about giving up. Life is short, so they say, but for people that wake up in pain everyday, it's long and seemingly endless. Instead of waking up each morning being glad and thankful for the day the Lord has made, it's a dreadful chore and hard to hang on sometimes.

While I have not yet had to deal with waking up to debilitating physical pain as some do, but I certainly have experienced waking up to dread. Mostly from financial hardship but whatever the fear or burden we face, I think we can all admit that we've thought about wanting to end it at times.

It's saddening to see how many seemingly good, kind, successful people choose to give up and take their own life. I take the stance that we're all going to die someday so why not wait until God says it's time. Hang in there and see what new experiences or growth opportunities may be around the corner. As Dr. Zeuss says: Oh, the Places You Could Go.

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