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Power Not Fear...the 'What ifs'

Right up at the top of the list of my favorite bible verses is 2nd Timothy 1:7. The reason is, this verse offers hope and peace to those of us who sometimes let our minds get tossed to and fro by the news of the world. The fear of the unknown can over power our thinking and cause us to have anxiety about the future.

Because we focus too much on the 'What Ifs', our reality can become distorted and rob us of joy and peace. The very things the Lord has promised us. We don't know the future so we project it and it becomes our reality, even though most likely, the scary things we imagine will never happen..

We are promised a sound mind so we can see things in their proper perspective. Our imagination can magnify problems and that's why God gave us His Holy Spirit; to see things as God sees them. Resisting the 'stinking thinking' that so easily besets us and trusting in the hope of the world as we receive power as children of God.

It may seem impossible to change the way we think after years of the same. I simply memorized and remember this verse. 'God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.' 2nd Timothy 1:7

Nothing is impossible with God and as we learn to trust our loving Heavenly Father, Savior, King of the Universe, we are confident that we are more than conquerors, fighting the good fight for our joy and peace.

Embrace the day and catch yourself with the verse....every time you drift off to the 'What ifs'

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